From Chainmail to D&D Next

The Next Morning the City Callers are calling it a Night of Terrors

Oops, We unleash a skeleton army on the city

  • Receive Notice of Price for their heads
  • The Silver Shields have stop paying for their rooms at the Inn and can no longer condone their actions. How far do the thieves guild arms reach into the government.
  • Discover that lieutenant Graphon, is known to be incorruptible.
  • Vist the Magic School for new spells
  • Intimidate the young roughens keeping tabs on our heroes
  • Atryum and Christopher meet with the Drow wizard. He tries to persuade Christopher to give up on seeking the evil of under dark. He give Christopher a contact with the Drow underground Railroad, in hopes seeing the horrors will change his mind. The Drow Wizard also tells Artyum he can not help him, but seek out the Queen of the High Elves she may know of a cure, that will purify him of the filth of humankind. He express his sorrow, and horrors of an elf becoming a man.
  • Soybean and Wind two thief’s want to join the rival guild, our heroes are forming. Christopher and Artyum send them out to prove themselves.
  • Party splits up
    • Bret Rock searches the new stronghold, finding a log book of payments, and a book of inventory. Maybe they can form a new guild with this information.
    • Christopher run out on the street screaming his challenge to the Necromancer, an old man hands him a bag of bone with a note.
    • Than Christopher and Alessero, find a busy tavern. Follow the Necromancer’s letter they summon 12 skeletons to kill 12 people. Alessero hold closed the front door, but has to fight some of the larger bar patrons. While Chris covers the back door with magic missiles.
    • Christ and Alessero finding they are short one body, find a street urchin and murder him.
    • Artyum follows his swords directions and slays a lawful and loyal Silver shield, taking her magic armor and dagger.
    • Artyum’s sword detects an invisible assassin, and save his life. After eluding the assassin and returning to their new strong hold
    • Bret challenges the possible evil that Artyum may of been doing, but accepts his claim that the magic armor and dagger was from the assassin, after seeing the arrows embedded in his plate mail. What evil lies in the hearts of men.
    • Christopher Angle and Alessero return with Alessero the worse for wear. Telling a tail of an initiation with the Necromancer.
    • Christopher also is now claiming to have found a way to contact the necromancer that may lead the party to him, without having to deal with diabolist.
  • Chris is showing his skill in healing, helping everyone to recover a little bit faster after a night of rest.

Our party is slowly turning Neutral Evil, as all adventuring parties are woe to do. A night of horrors is the head line in the morning Callers are crying, Guards murdered and skeleton attacks on the public street, is no place safe. Even the numerous bodies of respected community organizers and protectors have been found.

Where are the Silver shield, are they only protecting the rich. Not just the poor, but the trades men and the merchants are becoming restless demanding action.


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