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A World Destroyed

A God is Born

//TODO: Matt, I just provided an outline of events, please create some beautiful prose.

  • Returned to the city of Eldolan
  • Magically Scanned for contraband
  • Discover more people are being turned into statutes
  • Wrote letter to Christopher Angel, who suggested putting the kid in the bag of holding.
  • Julius and Bronze tricked John Conner, and place him in the bag
  • Sand start pouring out of the bag filling the room and soon the whole city, will it ever stop.
  • The Bag starts glowing, the glow soon spread to the whole inn, Our heroes trying to escape opened a door and walked between the glowing door frame and flung themselves in Sigil.
  • A Pocket Astral Dimension destroyed and World forever changed, has angered many a god/demon/devil they may soon be seeking their revenge.
  • Lost and confused a heavenly Deva, whose name is now speakable by mortal tongue, took pitty on our heroes and hope to earn many favored with their benefactors, took them in for sale. Her aid Jesaja took them to an inn and fed them.
  • Each player’s benefactor granted a favor and will make a request
    • Julius – being an empty husk became a vessel for power, will this power grow.
    • Bronze – arch-knowledge the power growning within Juliu and became his profit. he is tasked with cultivating this growing power
    • Houzi – Gained greater agility in his animal for, and must save his dying race, and prove the greatness of Simians above that of sex crazed prolific Humans (Lets come up with some more detailed quest Matt).
    • Nidhog – Gained the War Hammer Morning Star slayer, and most continue to whip the minions of the one-eyed god from the lands of the living, eventually taking his fight to the feet of the gods themselves.
    • Pippers – Fey master will feed on his kills, vines of Bleeding heart flowers will grow from his victims, giving his spells more power for each fallen foe of that day.
    • Glod Hammerpants – joined Pippers in the service of his spring court Fey Queen, what he has gained is still a mystery
    • Rusty Van Crown – Warlock Master will make demands and grant a boon, but what those are remains a mystery.
  • After promising to grant hospitality and protection to other followers of the Deva, The part departed for a world that has escaped
  • After much deliberation, or heroes found a door that takes them to Eberron.
  • Our Heroes sudden appearance in the middle of a filed of Wheat, scared the local military quarter master, who sent a squad to investigate and detain prisoners.
  • The Squad was dully dispatched by our heroes with hardly a scratch received. But what new enemy have they made in their first few minutes in this new world.


Currently channeling Julius’ view on events. I feel I must ask, who is your daddy, and what does he do?

Expect the new entry by tonight/tomorrow evening.

A World Destroyed

Julius’ daddy is the universe, and he allows Julius to Become.

A World Destroyed
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