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Death of the Necromancer

But What of the thieves guild

Character: Artyum, Bret, Christopher, Kleon, And Allessaro
NPC: Arlissa, Gardo, Soybean, Wind, and Wrimm

  • Discusion of what to do and is Bret and Allessaro betraying us
  • Bret Receives invite to forgo his friends and join the thieves guild
  • Chris and Allessaro receive invite to meet with Arlissa as head of the Seekers
  • Soybean, and wind return with 100gp of trash, and Wrimm a new member of the Borrower Club.
  • All head to see Arlissa, they again re followed by kid, again lots of debate on how to handle the kids
  • An invisible follower sees them, and their new home is burned down.
  • Arrive at the Lamp Lighter Guild, and are told to wait for Arlissa
  • Bret and Christ get to see Arlissa while the others wait, she administers a magical oath to the one eyed go, and the Necromancer. then informed them to meet her tonight without her followers
  • Bret Disques the member of the group so they can follow Christopher, Allessaro, and Arlissa
  • Arlissa leads them into the water tunnels under the city
  • Chris uses his bird to lead the others through the tunnels.
    *Fight with Necromancer
    *Arlissa escapes
    *Allassero kills necromancer
  • Flesh holm nearly kills party


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