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S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Part 1

No, Mr. Nidhogg, I expect you to die!

Finding little of value on the remains of the unfortunate guards, the group noticed skyscrapers on the horizon. Good enough place to start! As they prepared to move out, Nidhogg felt a familiar pressure in his head. The Raven Queen reminded him of his mission. “The king of Karanath is building armies with the undead! He must be stopped!” The becoming god Immortan Julius attempted to teleport the group to this (presumably) distant kingdom, only to meet with failure. He and Oglethorp began to phase out, but the rest of the group was not affected. Someone or something must have noticed, though the group was unaware.

While traveling the road to the distant city, the Prophet Oglethorp announced the passage of his god, Immortan Julius. Several converts were found and seeded with Julius’ sand, his mark left upon them, shiny and chrome. As the day wore on, and miles fell behind them, the group realized that this city in the distance is further than they thought. The group began to spread out on the road, content to travel with their own thoughts. This was almost their undoing, for a malevolent force was watching them.

Nidhogg, trailing at the end of the group, felt the approach of his god’s enemy. So well hidden was this enemy however, Nidhogg didn’t have time to respond, as a spectre lightly touched his arm. He reeled back, his scales turned ashen, as he felt his life begin to drain away. The warlock Rusty Van Crow, quiet for the past several days, is the first to come to the aid of Nidhogg. He summons which fire and casts it at the spectral enemy, and with dismay, watches as the spell passes through the apparition, leaving it unharmed. Fellow warlock Pippers attempts the same, but his spell backfires, he barely escapes damage himself! Houzi flies to his friend’s side, fists thrown faster than the eye can see, but his fists feel only air where the spectre’s body floats.

The fight continues, the floating figure reeking havok nearly unchecked. A human mage comes upon the epic battle, flying to the aid of the living. His spells are ineffective, doing nothing more than drawing the spectre’s ire, saving Nidhogg from a life-ending blow. He falls to his knees, as the spectre drains his essence.

The becoming god Immortan Julius wades into the fray. He knows he has no attack that can harm the spectre, and so attempts to reason with the spirit. His words find the same empty air as the spells and strikes of his companions, however. Dragon’s breath is released, but the spectre remains unharmed, it’s dead face showing the faintest hint of a cruel smile. It has taken very little damage. The air grows cold, the entire group seems to age momentarily, and Nidhogg succumbs to his injuries. The spectre is nearly whole again.

The group recovers, but sensing that this foe is beyond them, several members begin to flee. Glod the dwarven warlord, however, doesn’t know the meaning of retreat (literally). Though his attacks seem almost pointless, he continues to fight on. Houzi, now empowered by his god, continues fighting as well, refusing to leave his friend to the spectre. Bit by bit, the spectre weakens, and second by second, Nidhogg grows closer and closer to death.

Finally, with a furious simian cry, Houzi strikes the spirit, sapping it of it’s last remaining essence. The ghost is defeated. Nidhogg is stablized, and soon opens his eyes. The party emerges, unscathed by the agent of the One-Eyed God.


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