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The Fate of John Conner, and Entering a New World.

Or, that darn bag again!

When we last left our stalwart heroes, they had decided to return to the town from whence they came, in order to find out more about John Conner’s affliction. Sounds like good intentions, and we all know where that leads…..

As my followers and I came back to town A-7921-Beta, my data banks pulled information regarding subject H-M1198902, known as Christopher Angle. He is extremely intelligent, and I calculated that he may have an acceptable solution to the problem with subject H-P1101927362 JOHN CONNER and his corrosive blood.
Upon entering town A-7921-Beta, I had D/B-87985 Ogl- zzZZZTTpp- VINCENT use the local wisp messaging service to contact H-M1198902 Christopher Angle. His response suggested placing H-P1101927362 JOHN CONNER into a provided magical bag of holding. I detected a variance in the special displacement of the bag, calculating a 79% fatality chance for any life form placed inside. This was offset by the perceived intelligence of H-M1198902 Christopher Angle. As a result, H-P1101927362 JOHN CONNER was placed inside.
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE COMPLETE – subject H-P1101927362 JOHN CONNER is safe. Closing file.
The bag began releasing fine sand, identical to the reaction caused by exposure of H-P1101927362 JOHN CONNER’s blood to the local atmosphere. My group then exited the building currently inhabited, as the amount of the sand began to displace us. While passing through the doorway, I detected a possible dimensional shift. This was confirmed soon, as we discovered we had arrived in locale Alpha-0011 Sigil.
Encountering local inhabitants, we are informed that it is a requirement to be sponsored by a deity in order to be allowed access to locale Alpha-0011 Sigil. My group is increased by two, H-W/L8321 Pippers and D-L/W99275 Glod Hammerpants. Their dialect is nearly undecipherable. Capacitor charge at 34%.
My group is lead to a market and placed on sale. While my followers attempt to bargain their own release, I demonstrate the strength in my model, lifting items within the market. Capacitor charge at 79%.
Having lost any hope of escape, the various members of my group fall to their knees, praying to their gods. All but D/B-87985 Ogl- zzZZZTTpp- VINCENT receive a response/blessing from their chosen deity.
Capacitor charge at 100%. Deity search inconclusive. Capacitor overload imminent. Redirect power to reserves. ERROR-ERROR-err-zzztp. Deity achieved. Reassign D/B-87985 Ogl- zzZZZTTpp- VINCENT, new designation R-P0001 BROTHER VINCENT.
My followers, endowed with new powers and marks by their chosen deities, are now considered to be sponsored and allowed to leave the market.
It is now believed that the previous world inhabited, P-E721, has been irreparably damaged by sand, covering the entire world. Reassess safety of H-P1101927362 JOHN CONNER. H-P1101927362 JOHN CONNER is not within P-E721, as bags of holding are connected to a separate dimension. Assessment complete: H-P1101927362 JOHN CONNER is safe.

Self-assessment protocol concludes that the presence of my followers in locale Alpha-0011 Sigil has a 97.237% of death at our current combat effectiveness. I allow my followers to decide to vacate locale Alpha-0011, choosing a dimension with the highest likelihood of fellow warforged to activate religion protocols.
A door is chosen. I have determined that the group must see themselves as vital for the near future. I allow them to believe they have chosen door D-P98743215948136 themselves. Upon passing through door D-P98743215948136, we are attacked by seven guards. Analysis- there is no need to assign designations, the guards will be dead in less than 5 minutes, with a 83% probability.
The new followers, H-W/L8321 Pippers and D-L/W99275 Glod Hammerpants prove to be useful, causing massive damage to several of the guards. H-M783 Houzi Nanren was also a very effective combatant, managing to take out nearly half the guards himself. R-P0001 BROTHER VINCENT supported H-M783 Houzi Nanren, nearly killing him with a breath blast.
Open investigation 234 (secondary). Is R-P0001 BROTHER VINCENT attempting to murder H-M783 Houzi Nanren?
Despite following us through the doors, M-W/L3483252 (Sean’s dude) was practically useless.
With the combat decided, I will now assign a designation to this new world. W-S/P120.
My followers begin to determine what we will do next. Faint signal received. Warforged in this world acknowledge my existence. They have begun analyzing validity of the deity protocol. I calculate a 58.235% of heresy.

Ok guys, sorry for the late post. Life and procrastination have conspired against me! I’m not sure I’ll stick to my plan of doing the logs from each party member’s perspective, it feels kinda invasive to me. Roleplaying your roleplaying characters and all. (Though Immortan Julius was fun as heck!)


Wow, totally awesom. Thanks Matt.

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