Bronze-Oglethorp Klaxton III

A dragonborn sorceror with a disgust of mammals.


Bronze-Oglethorpe Klaxton III is a kind and gentle being of the finest draconic bloodlines. He was raised in a secluded location by a group of Draconic Supremisists under the slogan "If it isn’t a reptile it should be at least a mile (away). " Draconic isn’t a very good language for rhyming.

It is only recently that he has left to explore the world for himself and has come to the conclusion that his folks are basically right and non-dragons are foul, moist monstrosities constantly leaking various fluids, waxes and pastes out of every conceivable orifice on an almost constant basis. One time he pondered their reproductive cycle and was so horrified he almost died from sheer revulsion.

It has recently happened that in the process of accidently killing a city full of nipple-havers he and his adopted brother, the charmingly insane warforged Jullius, and those other guys found their way through to the dimensional metropolis known as Sigil. Through an act of sheer will and luck the warforged ascended to godhood and took the name Immortan Julius and became Shiny and Chrome. He will witness you. You live. You die. You will live again.

Immortan Julius went where his people needed him the most. He moved the party through the dimensions until he arrived in Ebberon, where his people, the Warforged, are oppressed. It is here in this fertile ground that we will plant the seed of a glorious movement. The Warforged Boys, who will ride eternal, Shiny and Chrome.

Bronze-Oglethorp Klaxton III

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