Houzi Nanren

Like Kwai Chang Caine, with a banana infatuation.


Houzi is from a land far away, he was raised in a monastery serving the god _______. His monastery, which are also all monkeys, sent him out into the world to learn from other cultures, and challenge them in accordance with his god’s wishes. Usually by fighting, in friendly matches if possible. Non-friendly is ok too.

His race is known for their ability to morph into animals, each individual their own. Houzi’s animal is a monkey, which grants him greater speed and coordination. As such, his fighting style is very dynamic. Jumping, ducking, sliding, rolling are common, and allow him to strike multiple opponents almost simultaneously.

As all monkeys do (probably), Houzi loves music. He is rarely seen without his bamboo flute in hand, and enjoys playing for companions. He has also been known to entertain at inns in exchange for food and a bed.

As a monk, wealth and earthly possessions hold no appeal for him. He will pass up all money he doesn’t need, and only take gear that he can use right now. Never if another character wants it as well.

With the previous world destroyed, Houzi’s fellow monks are most likely dead. Houzi has yet to mourn, and fears he is the last of the Hengeyokai. (he’s… lacking in understanding of the multiverse)
His last hope is to impress Kord enough with his martial prowess that he will allow all his brethren into the afterlife. Expect Houzi to look for combat and sport.

Praying to Kord while imprisoned in Sigil, Houzi is gifted with a blessing. The scars on his wrists, a stylized monkey on the left, and the sigil of Kord on his right, begin to glow, changing from crude scars to beautiful colored tattoos, amazingly detailed. He feels his agility increase with the boon from Kord. Houzi will take this as a sign that he is still in Kord’s favor, and will strive to stay there.

Houzi Nanren

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