Samedi Holiday (Sam)

Halfling with nothing to prove (just trying to make a living)


Sam is a slight, pushy, outgoing, and a little bit butch halfling. She seems to assume society laws only apply to others and to rely on some unspoken code of conduct. She’s the sort of halfling everyone finds annoying – loud, energetic, child-like, and deadly. She grew up in a halfling gypsy caravan among a dozen kids including an un-introduced twin brother. His name is Simon. Her childhood was one step above poverty, moving place to place, her parents earning a living as tinkers and coopers.

She learned to be at home in the wild, particularly grasslands and forests. Her hunting and shooting skills rival some of the best trained archers in the kingdom’s military. She also has developed light fingers and a quick temper. She is the product of several generations of in-breeding among the gypsy tribe and, as such, lacks a lot of common sense and wisdom.

She wants the one thing she’s never had – a permanent home and wealth and comfort. She sees the government as the quickest and easiest route to this goal and has decided working with money would be her preferred career. Until then it’s all about enjoying life and acquiring money and prestige, in any way necessary.

Samedi Holiday (Sam)

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