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Thieves Guild
A war is brewing
  • Alessandro, Bret, Artyom, Christopher, Kleon
  • Left Familiars to watch Warehouse of the Diabolist
    • Followed a Diabolist to his home in the school dorm
  • After rest and healing, the group notice something was wrong with their inn staff
    • Thief guild demanded their Dream Leaf or a 1000gp
    • Bret and Artyom Intimidated the thieves, received 24 hours to come up with the money
    • Kleon followed the thieves to a place in the warrens
    • Pretended to have their money, then surprise attacked them
    • One thief escaped
    • almost burnt the place down
    • 7 dead thieves, expect a much harder retaliation
  • Are our heroes moving into the warrens and its alleyways of depravity and poverty
Found the Diabolist
Diabolist, Necromancer same diff?

//TODO: Full write up anything I missed?

  • Bret Rock, Christopher Angle, Kleon Boogins
  • Artyom hiding out after burning down theater
  • Bret was sick to much stew, or did he catch something from the saucy bar maid.
  • Test Magic Items, shield works, Wand of Wall (a less useful WoW) works
  • Find a contact with the Thieves Guild
    • Fast Eddie, Vinnie Vagaboots at His-in-Hers Pub, Staff Shirt
      • Used weapons dealers, think underhanded used car dealers
      • Need weapon retrievers
    • Sent to Rough up Garados owner of the Curio Shop. Who is the Garados Guy?
    • Pre-pare to burn done His-in-hers, Pimp and Hos
    • Get lead on Aretos at the Lusty Dolphin, from Vinnie
  • Head to Docks, get in fight with 7 drunken Dwarves, with a dunk in the brink
  • Put the pressure on Aretos
  • he caves, and says you can follow me to the my drop off point
  • A warehouse on the edge of the grounds, men in heavy Cloaks take the bodies.
The Dream Master
A fight with a Wraith and Fire


  • Receive Magic items from school
  • Check contacts for location of Dream Leaf Dealer
  • Charge in demanding answers in the name of the Queen
  • Fight Thugs
  • Fight more Thugs
  • Back room stage
  • Basement
  • Drakes
  • Leader
  • Wraith
  • Fire
  • Clues
A Visit to the City Crypts
Them bones sure know how to party.

Character creation

We moved our characters to Pathfinder today. It required a lot of recreation, each class and race now has feats and new skills and powers. Brandon remind me to revisit your character cause I think your character got messed up in some ways that we should look at fixing, let see what we can do to make it closer to what you have envisioned. I also think your BAB should be a 3 instead of 2. Same goes for everyone else, let make sure we have the characters we want to play. Matt your Sorcerer has a bigger hit die now so we need to redo Bret Rocks hit points as well. I think there is a lot of polish we need to do on the characters.

School of hard knocks

All the character were invited to the Wizard University to be panelist on the best adventuring items. Christopher Angle stayed true to form and wanted staff of lighting bolts, and a way to make and control zombies. Bret Rock said a wand of Illusions, so he can always look stylish. Artyom, stayed true to his fighter roots, and desired magic armor and a ring of regeneration. Kleon Boogies want a portable outhouse, so you could take a crap in the woods in comfort and not have to worry about the poo, more seriously he said a backpack of holding and a boomerang throwing axe. Alexandra desired a magical shield, shields are handy in all situations. The Students asked them many hard question about strange and famous items and how they’d use them. Promising to send them some new creations to try out.

After the Panel discussion Alessandro and Kleon decided to join our heroes on their quest to stop the Necromancer and the disturbance he bring to this once mostly peaceful city. Kleon expressing his hatred of the unnatural undead, and Alessandro joining for not particular reason other then it might be fun.

Back to investigating

Bret, Artyom, and Angle took Kleon to the site of the initial zombie attack. By some miraculous powers of tracking and observation, Kleon discovered that the main group of zombies came up from an entrance to the City’s water cisterns and passage ways. The door was locked with no signs of forced entry until Atryom kicked the door in. Did the Necromancers followers have a key? Below they found a landing and a waterway of about chest high running water, meaning someone has a boat, and traveling these ways beneath the city. Christopher Angle, with his ever present wheel of cheese talked to a few rat, hoping to be informed when next a boat passes this way.

Angle know a bit about death and burial practices knew that to avoid be raised all dead where either burned or kept in the city crypts. Traveling to the Temple district, the entered a large austere and massive temple to a Goddess of Light and purification. This Goddess’s follower manage the crypts. After Kleon throw his weight and influence around they get an appointment to talk with the Head Priestess Odessa. Odessa is a large, middle aged, and imposing woman. She had to fight her way to this high position and has earned her respect. Angle using is mysterious charm and knowledge of religions wins her over, maybe making her think of her self as a rough and emotional youth. Odessa agrees to let them see the crypt where the recent poor have been buried, call an acolyte named Thomas to guide them through the maze of passage ways.

Thomas leads our heroes through the crypts. The number of skeletons and bodies are beyond number, and crypts seem to reach out for miles under the city. Each vault is protected by wards, signs, and sigils. But once they reach the new area many of those wards are missing. Thomas start to act scared and nervous, Kleon makes it worse and threatens Thomas. After Bret calms Thomas he say this area it Landon’s, let me go and get Landon.

As soon as he mentions Landon’s name, a shout calling for the support of the One Eyed God, and our heroes deaths is heard. Soon an eerie chanting is heard which ends with the sounds of bones breaking and sinew popping and bricked vaults breaking open. 10 Skeltons and 4 Skeletons Mages raise up and block every one into a small crypt. Alessandro and Kleon cover one entrance hoping to hold the skeletons at bay. While Artyom and Christopher cover the other side. Bret stays in the middle with a fainted Thomas to cast spells where he’s needed. The Skeleton Mages have a horrifying power their bone rattling scream restore smashed skeletons to quickness. As the blow of Kleon and Alessandro smash the skeletons to bit, they raise up again, or shoot terrible blue rays of fire, they are soon knocked down never to awake again. On the other side Christopher channeling his dark magus powers after many tries brings the skeletons under his control, so that Artyom can smash them to bits.

As the last skeleton falls, Odessa accompanied by armed paladins, and clerics, enters. She question Thomas and our heroes to what happened, as her cleric cast divination spells that bring to life shadowy figures that relive the last few minutes. Odessa relents agree the characters where not the cause, and feels vindicated in her trust of Christopher. Allowing them to search Landon’s Cell. In Landon’s Cell a book of Dark Ritual Magic is discovered with an inscription saying

Your efforts are appreciated Landon, especially with our lord’s most recent request. His power grow stronger with ever passing week. Although I realize your stock might be running low , my work is coming to a crucial point and I need more freshly dead bodies. Hopefully the attack will provide those. Seek Paulos at the Dreammaster’s in the Commons for furthor instructions.

Odessa pleased with the help in removing a spy and traitor from her organization, give Angle a potion of healing, a vial of Tears of Halnir, and Charm of Negative Energy Resistance. Hoping he will come again for a more peaceful chat over tea sometime.

A visit to School, and a little slumming
The Riffraff can be dangerous

Waking up refreshed and ready to investigate our heroes check their clues. One of the Zombies frequented a Soup Kitchen. A man named Aero on the Docks is paying good money for corpses. Christopher Angle talked with the cities rats after coaxing them with his wheel of cheese, discovering that there is an underground temple under the Grounds of the Magic school that scares them and smells like death.

Being the ever read adventures they are, they seek fine weapons at a shop in the commons, Buying some throwing knives and Javelins. Heading to the school grounds they stop at a curio shop, meeting the owner a wizard of the lamplighters guild. He has many curios and sudo magic items to sell them. After making a few purchase they continue on to their interview at the Magic School.

Angle and Artyom went to the school for interviews, and Bret tagged along with Angle. After a short interview they discovered they are more advanced than the students of the school. They are training most good little worker mages, and our heroes are decently not that. Artyom also had a hard tim convincing them that he is mage due to the heavy armor he was wearing. But he got an interview because someone was very interested in the Intelligent sword he was caring. Artyom will your sword guide your or will you bend the sword to your will.

Latter that evening they travel to soup kitchen where two of the zombies frequented while they lived. After talking to several people and wondering into some dangerous alley ways seeking the homeless. They discovered that they dead where heavy Dream Leaf users. Where can this popular drug among the cities poor be found

Walking down an alley that any good citizen should know better than to walk down. Our heroes are corned by a gang of youths. The Youths suggest that they could be friend for the small cost of whats in your purses. Artyom not taking kindly to this request, bears his steal. Bret tries making friend with the power of the Fanzie’s charm which the youths toss off as an offense. Several Youth start dropping Bricks from above as 8 youths four from each side of the alley draw knives and short swords to bring our heroes into compliance with their request for friendship. After a short battle and many dead youths most of the kids have ran away leaving our heroes with some fresh dead bodies to try and sell. Needing to take a rest they decide to try and sell it tomorrow.

Zombies Arise
A City of Magic users

The Queens man meets with our heroes as they heal up from the coup d’é·tat. He tells them it is not safe in the keep any more for them, there are still to many kings men seeking revenge. I have a mission for you for the Queen. In her home country, there is a city of wizard, Eldolan, which has recently been plagued by undead. It possible an evil necromancer has found a magic tome, and has started to experiment. The queen hopes a clue to a cure for her sons may be in that book. I will supply you with goods for your journey and a contact in Eldolan.

After a few short goodbyes, and opening bank accounts, Our heroes receive a backpack of supplies, including 3 potions of healing each. They start out on their quest. Much of the journey passes uneventfully, as the wizards share research and study on the nature of magic and spells.

One night they hear shrinking and cackling, soon seeing four Harpies approaching their camp. They smell of foul feces, their hair is in dirty dreads, with sagging and heavy breast heaving as their wing flap, with long vicious claws for feet. Artum thinking fast casts Fog giving them cover to attempt to escape. Bret and Christopher knowing something of harpies plug their ears as the harpies start to sing from the edge of the fog. A song that is surprisingly sweet compared to the hackling they were making. Soon the song fades in the distance as our heroes drive into the night with their donkey and cart.

After a seven days journey they arrive in Eldolan, a city sitting int the valley of a river delta, with the sweet smell of salty sea in the air, barely covering the smell of the unwashed masses. The city guard is accompanied by a wizard that manages some spell for detecting contraband. Sprites and fairies fly everywhere delivering messages. Falling back into their old way Bret Rock casts charm on the guard. The wizard watches and gives him a wink wink, nudge nudge, be more careful look.

Christopher decides to apply to the wizard school, sending a letter by sprite to the school. What interest will this spark?

Realizing that it getting late, they head to the city square where they are to meet their contact, Wrolf. As soon as the sun starts to set, the square erupt in a commotion. They notice some horrible creatures, people without eyes, and their chest torn open with all their organs removed attacking the people remaining in the square with Wrolf being the focus. The exits are blocked by a cart, zombies, or the escaping crowds. Artum grabs his javelins and starts trying to disable and pin the fresh zombies from a distance. Bret starts directing the crowd saving many lives. Christopher using his staff jumps into the fray to save Wrolf. Soon the City guard comes and mops up the few remaining zombies that our heroes have left behind.

This city guard, the silver shields, start to suspect our heroes them being strange wizards not affiliated with the school. Wrolf quickly smoothes things over and even convinces the guards they are here to help investigate the occurrences of Necromancy. The guards being understaffed and overworked grudgingly agree, but warns them to stay out of guard business.

Our heroes start to investigate, but people are still into much shock to be of much help. But some says they have seen two of the zombies recently very much a live and eating a local soup kitchen for the poor.

The Assassination of the King's Lord
How to charm for the Queen.

Bret Rock, Christopher Angle, and Artyom along with two guards and Gabby the goblin have boarded themselves up in a Hobgoblin guard room in the caves. While they are resting allowing Bret to regain consciousness, they exchange spells. Making them all enchanter of men.

After their long rest, they start to hear a commotion within the caves, they assume that the denizens of the caves are return from the meeting. Will there be a confrontation?

They soon hear a loud thumb and a yell at the door. Artyom looks under the door and see three pairs of heavily booted feet. Bret, Christopher and Artyom prepare charm spells while one of the guards gets ready to open the door. Three Hobgoblins rush into the room, and stop confused and wondering who their new friends are.

Christopher writes a letter to the new head of evil, and sending one of the hobgoblins to deliver it. An hour latter they receive a note saying meet me in the keep, brave adventures.

Gabby and the Hobgoblins lead them out a nearby entrance, Artyom using his masterful rope skills, help our heroes reach the bottom of the canyon. Finding their Wagon and Mule not eaten, they start the long arduous journey back to the keep.

Things are already starting to change, they find the main road blocked by thick spider webs. A spider spits poison killing one of the guards. Artyom bravely take a flask of lamp oil and bit of cloth as a fuse, throws the Molotov Cocktail at a nearby spider. The web being surprisingly flammable, burst into flames and sticky flaming web drops down on the party. Bret is Knocked unconscious once more, and two hobgoblins die a fiery death, wondering what they hell they are doing out in the woods.

When they arrive back at the keep in the early morning, they find the gate closed and are eyed suspiciously by the guards, who are know wearing Purple arm bands. After being forced to wait a while, Chastity and a sergeant at arms are woken to let the party into the keep. Chastity is stressed over Bret current injured state and recommends they take him to the priest or the barracks surgeon. But first she says they need to buy an arm band, Red for 5 Silver, Purple for 1 Gold, it’s the new orders. Noticing that most of the guard are wearing purple they group buys purple arm bands.

While the Bret and Artyom injuries are being seen to by the surgeon, Ned tells Christopher of the horrible things he discovered about Lester. Almost disillusioned and in tears Ned say he discover that Lester has a wife and kids, he’s suppose to be a chaste and celibate head priest. What has become of the religion he believed so much in.

Christopher Angle arranges a meeting with the Queens Inquisitor. Bret and Artyom go along to the meeting. Christopher now knows the purple arm bands are for the King and the Red are support for the Queen. The Queen’s inquisitor is trying to take over the keep, he says he needs it to be his new base of operations. The Inquisitor explains the Queens sons are sicker then the rumors say, and need a magical cure. He is one of the many People who are helping the Queens gain what is needed to save the young Princes of the realm. The King refused to let his wife seek this promising cure.

Artyom enchants one of the servants in hopes of gaining a spy. Bret is more brazen and tries to enchant the Queen’s Inquisitor. Bret fails but the he does not blame hime for trying. Just distrusts the group and asks for them to prove themselves by converting 12 guards men to the Queens cause.

Christopher writes up flyers and Bret using his speaking skills start promoting the Queen and her troubles. In a big public gathering on the practice field they convince 9 Guards men to change to red, supporting the Queen. Knowing this is not enough they set a plan in motion that will lead to a coup.

Christopher discovers where the captain of guards wife lives, Enchants her and uses her to put pressure of the captain of the guard. After several days the captain of the guard is still wearing purple, but he is no longer harassing guards men who are wearing red.

Thinking it’s time to move further, they meet with Lord of the keep. He is very distrustful of them, and basically demands they leave. Artyom charms another servant. Soon both of Artyom spies come to him saying the lord of the keep is planning a military action to kill the queens man and restore order to the keep by exiling all that are wearing red.

Christopher and Bret make a decision, that it is now time to kill the lord before he can mobilize. Bret visits a local Apothecary, Charms him with a spell. Buys some poison for cheap, but still promises to pay the rest latter. They give the poison to the captain of the guards wife, to give to one of Artyom spies. With lady luck on our suppose be heroes side, the lord of the keep falls ill, and no attack to forth coming.

They visit the queens man, he has a wicked smile when he hears of their deeds. He agrees the ends justify the means. He wants one last proof of their loyalty, and want their hands to be a bit dirty. He says he can arrange a diversion, go and kill the lord.

That night a riot breaks out, drawing all but the few personal guards away from the lords. Now is the time. Bret, Christopher, and Artyom rush to lords chamber, Bret casts sleep on the two guards at the lords door. They enter and Christopher casts sleep on the two guards inside. One of guards shakes off the sleep and Artyom engages him in single combat. Mean while Bret and Christopher attack the sick and poisoned lord. After stabbing the lord over and over again he finally slumps to the ground dead.

Artyom is engaged in heated combat, slowly whittling him down. The Guard gets luck and shoves his sword in to a gap in aryom armor, nearly ending the fight. Artyom resurges from near death to chop the guards head off.

After binding Artyom nearly mortal wound, they ransack the place, finding money, gems, items of value, Elven cloak and boots, and three items of interest. The items of interest are a spear, a dagger, and a ring.

All hero parties eventually become evil, the way to hell is paved with good intentions. Will the means be justified when they save the Princes of the Realm? Will the King forgive them and Queen welcome them with open arms when their kids are saved? More importantly what are the ingredients for the cure, and how much is it worth and to whom.

Revenge and Corruption

Bret sat down by the river to have a chat with his new buddy Gibby the goblin. Bret learns that there is a temple of elemental evil in the caves, and that each of the monsters dwell in the cave are there to care for the temple and the evil presence that lives there. Making plans to meet up with Gabby in the near future, they let him wonder off into the woods.

On returning to the keep, Christopher sees, the Queen’s Inquisitor bribing the scribe as he leaves the keep. Bret thinking quick, charms the scribe, Chastity. She spills the beans to her new best friend, He is going to Caves of Chaos. Chastity does not know why he wants to go there alone at night, or why he does not want anyone to know. But she does say he pays well.

Samendi and Christopher are seeking revenge for the death of Malijar. She sees a young novice resting in the Tavern, thinking the world has provided another opportunity. Pretending to be someone from the home temple and the capital city, Samedi convinces Ned, the young novice, to spy on the priest Lester. Artyom stays at the keep to keep an eye on Ned and Lester.

In the early morning, Christopher Angle hears the Captain of the Guard yelling at the stable hands. He is alarmed that the Queen’s inquisitor is gone. The Captain of the Guard in his desperations, makes Christopher Angle a scout and with three guards tells him to bring the that Damm Inquisitor home safe.

Meeting Gabby at the Caves, he says a human likely the Queen’s man, came to the caves killed some orcs, with a sword that caused limbs to wither. That human is the new master, most of the cave denizens went to meet him. He now speaks with the authority the Evil they serve.

Sending a guard back to warn the keep, Bret, Samedi, Christopher, and Two Guards men explore the caves. Moving Freely through the goblin area of the caves with Gibby assistance. But once they enter the hobgoblin area they discover 3 hobgoblin guards of which Samedi kills two with he short bow, A hobgoblin shot an arrow putting Bret on the ground in pain. Now they are holed up in one of the Hobgoblins guard rooms.

The Death of Malajar
So long Moldvay, hello AD&D

Artem, an Elven warrior, extruding menace and the desire to kill wretched Orcs and Goblins, has arrived at the keep on the borderlands. Lana the scribe invites Artem to be her chaperon, when going to dinner with Malajar. A girl can’t be to careful when wizards are concerned, especially ones that speak imaginary French.

Malajar and company, already deep into their thrid pitchers of wine, mourning the death of their commrad. They hardy notice Lana and Artem’s arrival. Samedi and Christopher Angel continue to plot ways to get gold without the risk of bloody thirsty monsters. Lana suggests taking out the bandits, that have been robbing adventures.

The next day, trading the magic arrows for nicer quarters above the cavalry stables. Are they really moving on up? Christopher and Samedi decide to case the main keep and towers. They meet the scribes and the tax collector who keep the lord rolling in the dough. How will Samedi become the next tax collector, what is she hoping to help happen?

After hatching a plan to draw out the bandits, our Heroes hire two rough looking archers to take part in their plan, while Christopher Angel buys a cart and donkey, and paints them both black. Hiding the archers and Artem in the cart, while Malajar and Christopher drive. They head out to lure the bandits into a trap.

As they leave the keep, some wonder if the priests blessing has changed, it feels more like a heavy burden than a blessing. Could they have angered the priest of this Lawful Good Temple? Maybe they do not appreciate gilded coins.

The bandits, two archers, and four spearman, block the road with a log. Stoping the cart and springing our heroes trap. Malajar and Christopher pretend to run away, while Artem, and the two Archers spring into action. Samedi takes position under the cart. The Bandits archers take fire one of them bringing Malajar low. A single arrow in the back and sadness floods our heroes hearts, this anger fuels their need to kill the bandits. Artem rushed into the woods and after an unexpected trip, deftly slays the archer who killed his new friend. Artem and Samedi quickly finish off the remaining bandits.

Samedi sneaks about the bandits camp, sees a dog, kids, and few more men but no signs of wealth, decides it not worth the risk tonight.

Once back at the keep, mourning the death of Malajar, Christopher Angel unhappy with the temples greed, commits Malajar body to the funeral pyre. Now certain the local priests are seeking the parties demise. He may seek revenge, for his wizard fraternity brother, or at the very least Malajar’s resurrection as a powerful lich.

A Queens Inquistors arrives at the keep seeking Clayton Reaves, for spreading rumors. He must have other reasons for coming out into no mans land, what are they?

Thinking to rob the bank, or to get a loan to buy a magic wand Christophe Angel opens a bank account. He discovers that banks are profitable ventures enough so to hire guards, and have vaults.

After making a new acquaintance, a handsome and dapper young wizard, with a more than a few elderly sugar mommas. The crew returns to the Caves of Chaos. Hearing rumors that their is and evil temple deep with in, maybe the secrets of necromancy can be found there.

While fighting Goblin guards, the dapper wizard, uses a power that will be inherited by the Fonzie. That power makes him a Goblin friend for life. Learning that many more Goblins will be coming, the party cuts their losses and head back to the keep.

System Review

After the untimely death of Malajar and the near death of Artem. My players have decided that it is time to move on to AD&D2ND Edition. The hope being a slightly less leathal and more tactical combat system will allow them to bond with their characters.

The weakness of basic seems to be a characters dies every session. First level characters are fragile, and die right when you start to grow attached. We hope some of the changes will allow characters to live longer and stronger attachments to build between player and character.

Caves of Chaos
Yes, Virginia characters still dies

Samedi Holiday a tomboyish halfling, who is funloveing and knows the world will provide. Has come to the keep on the borderlands, seeking fame, fortune and a cushy government job. A job where she can skim a little and pad her pockets and home in luxury.

On arriving at the keep she find, a robed wizard laying on the ground in the keep’s public square, next to the fountain. Teasingly she wakes Malijar, discovering that he is indeed a wizard of some renown. Samedi decides to enlist him in her quest for riches, Malijar agrees to join her for a jug of wine.

Poppey a carefree, entertainer lacking in common sense, over hears Malijars and Samedi’s negotiations and joins the group completing our small adventuring party.

Samedi not having a coin to her name, but expecting the world to provide the drink needed to cement unity among the group. Heads to the rear door Of the tavern, and waits. Before the hour is up Samedi, accepts an ewer of mead, that was left behind in a maids hurry.

Mean while, Poppey tries to dance for some coin at the foot of the local temple. A novice quickly arrives to shoo him away. His twerking was just not acceptable to the gods.

Our new formed group fortified with drink, accepts their blessing and set off for the Caves of Chaos. After traveling the rest of the day without incident they arrive at the caves. In the evenings twilight, they encounter a pair of Orcs. Our Heroes quickly dispatched the startled Orcs. But Poppey takes a rusty sword to the gullet, leaving him dead. Taking time to choose which cave entrance will bring them riches and which might bring death. They see eyes watching them from many of the caves, Malijar remembers reading it unusual for these evil creates to live in such close proximity.

Knowing rumors of magic arrows, speak of a southern cave, they chose to go in the first southern cave. Lighting torches they see It’s a natural cave with minimal improvements, but the ground has been flattened from foot traffic. Samedi suggests following the right passageway. After exploring, some voices are heard ahead.

Three Goblin guards make a stand against our heroes who have invaded their home. Samedi leads off with a volley of crossbow volts, Malijar out of spells starts swinging his staff, amazingly killing a Goblins. The remaing Goblins are quickly made into pin cushions by Samedi.

Malijar frees a fellow wizard, who was captured by the Goblins. Were the Goblins going to ransom him?

Finding a small natural opening, leading into a crystal cave. Their lights reflections from the crystals blinding them. The beauty is breath taking as their sight returns. Smelling a horrible stench, they move towards it finding a room with a rotting bear carcass, a pile of skins, and a few dead Goblins. Soon they notice the large Ogre resting in the pile of skins. Malijar charges, while the new Mage casts sleep. Luckily the Ogre collapses into a deep sleep. allowing Samedi and the others to ransack his dweling. Finding counterfeit gold, silver, two prayer scrolls, and six arrows.

Our heroes heavily wounded, and hoping these arrows are the ones they seek, decided to head back to the keep. Leaving the caves heading to the road, they spend the remaining hours of the night resting and recouping. Arriving back at the keep in the early morning.

The young female scribe is glad to see Malijar’s safe return, and agrees to meet him for drinks tonight. To get the arrows identified, they head to the temple. Donating a more than a few counterfeit coins for the service of magic detection. Yes, these are magical arrows, blessed with an improved chance to hit.

Now a bit wealther, but in need of rest our adventures, will remain in the keep. But soon the ich for more adventure, and the desire to find out why goblins, orcs and more are living so close together without killing each other, may over come their boredom.

Rolling initiative every round can make or break a fight, and adds uncertainty. Combat at low levels is quick, and deadly. Yet it still can be a little repetitive, a problem with all D20 variants.

The NPC reaction rolls and moral rolls are important. I think they are something that can really add a bit of color and realism to conflicts. It also has clear warfare roots.

Character creation is quick, but not very individualistic. Making how the player role plays their character, and the backstory they create the key to individualism. Neather are mandated by the rules, but are an assumed as part of RPGs.


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