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A World Destroyed
A God is Born

//TODO: Matt, I just provided an outline of events, please create some beautiful prose.

  • Returned to the city of Eldolan
  • Magically Scanned for contraband
  • Discover more people are being turned into statutes
  • Wrote letter to Christopher Angel, who suggested putting the kid in the bag of holding.
  • Julius and Bronze tricked John Conner, and place him in the bag
  • Sand start pouring out of the bag filling the room and soon the whole city, will it ever stop.
  • The Bag starts glowing, the glow soon spread to the whole inn, Our heroes trying to escape opened a door and walked between the glowing door frame and flung themselves in Sigil.
  • A Pocket Astral Dimension destroyed and World forever changed, has angered many a god/demon/devil they may soon be seeking their revenge.
  • Lost and confused a heavenly Deva, whose name is now speakable by mortal tongue, took pitty on our heroes and hope to earn many favored with their benefactors, took them in for sale. Her aid Jesaja took them to an inn and fed them.
  • Each player’s benefactor granted a favor and will make a request
    • Julius – being an empty husk became a vessel for power, will this power grow.
    • Bronze – arch-knowledge the power growning within Juliu and became his profit. he is tasked with cultivating this growing power
    • Houzi – Gained greater agility in his animal for, and must save his dying race, and prove the greatness of Simians above that of sex crazed prolific Humans (Lets come up with some more detailed quest Matt).
    • Nidhog – Gained the War Hammer Morning Star slayer, and most continue to whip the minions of the one-eyed god from the lands of the living, eventually taking his fight to the feet of the gods themselves.
    • Pippers – Fey master will feed on his kills, vines of Bleeding heart flowers will grow from his victims, giving his spells more power for each fallen foe of that day.
    • Glod Hammerpants – joined Pippers in the service of his spring court Fey Queen, what he has gained is still a mystery
    • Rusty Van Crown – Warlock Master will make demands and grant a boon, but what those are remains a mystery.
  • After promising to grant hospitality and protection to other followers of the Deva, The part departed for a world that has escaped
  • After much deliberation, or heroes found a door that takes them to Eberron.
  • Our Heroes sudden appearance in the middle of a filed of Wheat, scared the local military quarter master, who sent a squad to investigate and detain prisoners.
  • The Squad was dully dispatched by our heroes with hardly a scratch received. But what new enemy have they made in their first few minutes in this new world.
The Continuing Adventures of Houzi Nanren and His Faithful Companions
Or How to Catch a Punch With Your Face

The group wakes up after an uneventful night, rested from yesterday’s fight. Arnie (Julius), the lovable Warforged automaton, provides their wakeup call, blaring an alarm that startles any life within a mile. This attracts a passing peacelock, Erlabald. “I have been looking for you!” he says. "I am tasked with assisting your quest, bringing this boy to the Queen. The two dragonborn glance at each other, both wondering how this will complicate things.
They prepare to continue their journey, but encounter three humans on the road, claiming to be working for the Queen, and offering to take John Conner off our group’s hands. John Conner heroically hides in a tree as the three approach. Houzi climbs the same tree in his monkey form, and spies a sigil on the shield of the lead Queensman. It’s the sign of Bane, evil god of war. Houzi hops down, playing the part of a monkey familiar, and subtly informs the group of the affiliation of the approaching humans.
When asked about John Conner, Rusty Van Crow lies convincingly, saying John Conner was killed in yesterday’s attack. “That doesn’t make sense, the whole town would have been destroyed!” Bronze-Ogkthorpe Klaxton III offers to show the site of John Conner’s ‘demise,’ two of the three elect to ride to the nearby sand pile. Houzi, still acting as a familiar, follows them as a safe distance. However, before reaching the remains of John Conner, the two see a flash of light from the group behind, and notice Houzi for the first time, still thinking he is nothing more than a monkey. They turn back to investigate.
Houzi takes the flash as his queue. With a quick prayer to Kord to witness his battle prowess, he leaps to the first of the two horsemen, shifting to his accustomed fighting form, half monkey, half man. To his dismay and shame, his first blows are knocked aside by the man’s armor. Landing, Houzi turns to prepare his next attack, only to be struck by the first horseman’s sword, knocking Houzi to the ground, dazed. With the pounding of Arnie’s feet as he rushes to assist Houzi in the background, the horsemen are taken aback by the nearly feral grin coming from the monk. “I love a good fight!” he laughs as he launches another flurry of attacks.
Houzi moves with a speed unslowed by his injury. Striking his opponents too fast for them to see, much less defend against. Each punch and kick an offering to his god, he pummels the horsemen. Houzi’s joy of the fight is cut short, however, as a wildly thrown attack from one of the horsemen manages to connect, purely by luck. If not for his injuries, Houzi would have shrugged away this minor blow.
The sword connects, and Houzi’s world fades to black. As he falls, he sees Arnie tackle a horse, bringing down one of the men. He feels the change as he hits and knows that his body lays on the ground, a blood-covered monkey. The world becomes dark, he feels no pain. He sees a light, Kord’s sportsground approaching. Houzi knows his last battle was his worst. To stand in Kord’s lands killed as he was would be everlasting shame. Still, he nears the realm of his god.
Houzi feels a tug, though he has no body, he feels scaly flesh grabbing onto him, Niddhogg drawing him back to the land of the living. All goes black.
Houzi opens his eyes. His companions surround him, even the rude Bronze-Ogkthorpe. They have managed to defeat the remaining two men, undoubtedly because of the crippling damage Houzi inflicted upon them. While tending their wounds, it is decided to travel back to the mage’s college. The group must know what caused the disintegration of John’s attacker yesterday, and why John’s death could have caused the same to happen to a town almost a day’s ride away. John only knows that he has been experimented upon, he does not want to be stuck by any more needles, taking samples of his blood.
Arnie promises to keep John safe, no matter the cost. John then teaches Arnie an elaborate handshake.

Switch to D&D4E
A new level of blunt weaponry

Created New Character

  • Bronze-Ogkthorpe Klaxton III – Dragonborn – Sorcerer
  • Nidhogg the Unsevered – Dragonborn – Cleric
  • Houzi Nanren – Monkey – Monk
  • Julius – Warforged – Fighter
  • Rusty Van Crow – Human – Warlock

The Queen has given them order to bring John Conner to her.

The King has given orders to keep John Conner safe and not to let harm come to him.

The war forged, Julius, made a frontal assault on the wizard school, looking for john conner, enraging several wizards in the process, our Monk in his monkey form rode on his shoulder laughing. Luckly One of the Drgaon born was a smooth talker, and the wizards seemed happy to be done with John Conner.

After rushing to get a carriage and out of town with minimal hassle, and good bluffing, They were attacked by a group of Orcs. They divide their forces so they could protect John Conner. and fight the main Orc units. Once the orcs got John Conner away from his protectors, a blinding flash turned several Orcs into sand.

It was a long and bloody fight with main unit of the Orc forces, everyone had to use their powers and the fight was won by the smallest margins.

. . .

Death of the Necromancer
But What of the thieves guild

Character: Artyum, Bret, Christopher, Kleon, And Allessaro
NPC: Arlissa, Gardo, Soybean, Wind, and Wrimm

  • Discusion of what to do and is Bret and Allessaro betraying us
  • Bret Receives invite to forgo his friends and join the thieves guild
  • Chris and Allessaro receive invite to meet with Arlissa as head of the Seekers
  • Soybean, and wind return with 100gp of trash, and Wrimm a new member of the Borrower Club.
  • All head to see Arlissa, they again re followed by kid, again lots of debate on how to handle the kids
  • An invisible follower sees them, and their new home is burned down.
  • Arrive at the Lamp Lighter Guild, and are told to wait for Arlissa
  • Bret and Christ get to see Arlissa while the others wait, she administers a magical oath to the one eyed go, and the Necromancer. then informed them to meet her tonight without her followers
  • Bret Disques the member of the group so they can follow Christopher, Allessaro, and Arlissa
  • Arlissa leads them into the water tunnels under the city
  • Chris uses his bird to lead the others through the tunnels.
    *Fight with Necromancer
    *Arlissa escapes
    *Allassero kills necromancer
  • Flesh holm nearly kills party
The Next Morning the City Callers are calling it a Night of Terrors
Oops, We unleash a skeleton army on the city
  • Receive Notice of Price for their heads
  • The Silver Shields have stop paying for their rooms at the Inn and can no longer condone their actions. How far do the thieves guild arms reach into the government.
  • Discover that lieutenant Graphon, is known to be incorruptible.
  • Vist the Magic School for new spells
  • Intimidate the young roughens keeping tabs on our heroes
  • Atryum and Christopher meet with the Drow wizard. He tries to persuade Christopher to give up on seeking the evil of under dark. He give Christopher a contact with the Drow underground Railroad, in hopes seeing the horrors will change his mind. The Drow Wizard also tells Artyum he can not help him, but seek out the Queen of the High Elves she may know of a cure, that will purify him of the filth of humankind. He express his sorrow, and horrors of an elf becoming a man.
  • Soybean and Wind two thief’s want to join the rival guild, our heroes are forming. Christopher and Artyum send them out to prove themselves.
  • Party splits up
    • Bret Rock searches the new stronghold, finding a log book of payments, and a book of inventory. Maybe they can form a new guild with this information.
    • Christopher run out on the street screaming his challenge to the Necromancer, an old man hands him a bag of bone with a note.
    • Than Christopher and Alessero, find a busy tavern. Follow the Necromancer’s letter they summon 12 skeletons to kill 12 people. Alessero hold closed the front door, but has to fight some of the larger bar patrons. While Chris covers the back door with magic missiles.
    • Christ and Alessero finding they are short one body, find a street urchin and murder him.
    • Artyum follows his swords directions and slays a lawful and loyal Silver shield, taking her magic armor and dagger.
    • Artyum’s sword detects an invisible assassin, and save his life. After eluding the assassin and returning to their new strong hold
    • Bret challenges the possible evil that Artyum may of been doing, but accepts his claim that the magic armor and dagger was from the assassin, after seeing the arrows embedded in his plate mail. What evil lies in the hearts of men.
    • Christopher Angle and Alessero return with Alessero the worse for wear. Telling a tail of an initiation with the Necromancer.
    • Christopher also is now claiming to have found a way to contact the necromancer that may lead the party to him, without having to deal with diabolist.
  • Chris is showing his skill in healing, helping everyone to recover a little bit faster after a night of rest.

Our party is slowly turning Neutral Evil, as all adventuring parties are woe to do. A night of horrors is the head line in the morning Callers are crying, Guards murdered and skeleton attacks on the public street, is no place safe. Even the numerous bodies of respected community organizers and protectors have been found.

Where are the Silver shield, are they only protecting the rich. Not just the poor, but the trades men and the merchants are becoming restless demanding action.

Thieves Guild
A war is brewing
  • Alessandro, Bret, Artyom, Christopher, Kleon
  • Left Familiars to watch Warehouse of the Diabolist
    • Followed a Diabolist to his home in the school dorm
  • After rest and healing, the group notice something was wrong with their inn staff
    • Thief guild demanded their Dream Leaf or a 1000gp
    • Bret and Artyom Intimidated the thieves, received 24 hours to come up with the money
    • Kleon followed the thieves to a place in the warrens
    • Pretended to have their money, then surprise attacked them
    • One thief escaped
    • almost burnt the place down
    • 7 dead thieves, expect a much harder retaliation
  • Are our heroes moving into the warrens and its alleyways of depravity and poverty
Found the Diabolist
Diabolist, Necromancer same diff?

//TODO: Full write up anything I missed?

  • Bret Rock, Christopher Angle, Kleon Boogins
  • Artyom hiding out after burning down theater
  • Bret was sick to much stew, or did he catch something from the saucy bar maid.
  • Test Magic Items, shield works, Wand of Wall (a less useful WoW) works
  • Find a contact with the Thieves Guild
    • Fast Eddie, Vinnie Vagaboots at His-in-Hers Pub, Staff Shirt
      • Used weapons dealers, think underhanded used car dealers
      • Need weapon retrievers
    • Sent to Rough up Garados owner of the Curio Shop. Who is the Garados Guy?
    • Pre-pare to burn done His-in-hers, Pimp and Hos
    • Get lead on Aretos at the Lusty Dolphin, from Vinnie
  • Head to Docks, get in fight with 7 drunken Dwarves, with a dunk in the brink
  • Put the pressure on Aretos
  • he caves, and says you can follow me to the my drop off point
  • A warehouse on the edge of the grounds, men in heavy Cloaks take the bodies.
The Dream Master
A fight with a Wraith and Fire


  • Receive Magic items from school
  • Check contacts for location of Dream Leaf Dealer
  • Charge in demanding answers in the name of the Queen
  • Fight Thugs
  • Fight more Thugs
  • Back room stage
  • Basement
  • Drakes
  • Leader
  • Wraith
  • Fire
  • Clues
A Visit to the City Crypts
Them bones sure know how to party.

Character creation

We moved our characters to Pathfinder today. It required a lot of recreation, each class and race now has feats and new skills and powers. Brandon remind me to revisit your character cause I think your character got messed up in some ways that we should look at fixing, let see what we can do to make it closer to what you have envisioned. I also think your BAB should be a 3 instead of 2. Same goes for everyone else, let make sure we have the characters we want to play. Matt your Sorcerer has a bigger hit die now so we need to redo Bret Rocks hit points as well. I think there is a lot of polish we need to do on the characters.

School of hard knocks

All the character were invited to the Wizard University to be panelist on the best adventuring items. Christopher Angle stayed true to form and wanted staff of lighting bolts, and a way to make and control zombies. Bret Rock said a wand of Illusions, so he can always look stylish. Artyom, stayed true to his fighter roots, and desired magic armor and a ring of regeneration. Kleon Boogies want a portable outhouse, so you could take a crap in the woods in comfort and not have to worry about the poo, more seriously he said a backpack of holding and a boomerang throwing axe. Alexandra desired a magical shield, shields are handy in all situations. The Students asked them many hard question about strange and famous items and how they’d use them. Promising to send them some new creations to try out.

After the Panel discussion Alessandro and Kleon decided to join our heroes on their quest to stop the Necromancer and the disturbance he bring to this once mostly peaceful city. Kleon expressing his hatred of the unnatural undead, and Alessandro joining for not particular reason other then it might be fun.

Back to investigating

Bret, Artyom, and Angle took Kleon to the site of the initial zombie attack. By some miraculous powers of tracking and observation, Kleon discovered that the main group of zombies came up from an entrance to the City’s water cisterns and passage ways. The door was locked with no signs of forced entry until Atryom kicked the door in. Did the Necromancers followers have a key? Below they found a landing and a waterway of about chest high running water, meaning someone has a boat, and traveling these ways beneath the city. Christopher Angle, with his ever present wheel of cheese talked to a few rat, hoping to be informed when next a boat passes this way.

Angle know a bit about death and burial practices knew that to avoid be raised all dead where either burned or kept in the city crypts. Traveling to the Temple district, the entered a large austere and massive temple to a Goddess of Light and purification. This Goddess’s follower manage the crypts. After Kleon throw his weight and influence around they get an appointment to talk with the Head Priestess Odessa. Odessa is a large, middle aged, and imposing woman. She had to fight her way to this high position and has earned her respect. Angle using is mysterious charm and knowledge of religions wins her over, maybe making her think of her self as a rough and emotional youth. Odessa agrees to let them see the crypt where the recent poor have been buried, call an acolyte named Thomas to guide them through the maze of passage ways.

Thomas leads our heroes through the crypts. The number of skeletons and bodies are beyond number, and crypts seem to reach out for miles under the city. Each vault is protected by wards, signs, and sigils. But once they reach the new area many of those wards are missing. Thomas start to act scared and nervous, Kleon makes it worse and threatens Thomas. After Bret calms Thomas he say this area it Landon’s, let me go and get Landon.

As soon as he mentions Landon’s name, a shout calling for the support of the One Eyed God, and our heroes deaths is heard. Soon an eerie chanting is heard which ends with the sounds of bones breaking and sinew popping and bricked vaults breaking open. 10 Skeltons and 4 Skeletons Mages raise up and block every one into a small crypt. Alessandro and Kleon cover one entrance hoping to hold the skeletons at bay. While Artyom and Christopher cover the other side. Bret stays in the middle with a fainted Thomas to cast spells where he’s needed. The Skeleton Mages have a horrifying power their bone rattling scream restore smashed skeletons to quickness. As the blow of Kleon and Alessandro smash the skeletons to bit, they raise up again, or shoot terrible blue rays of fire, they are soon knocked down never to awake again. On the other side Christopher channeling his dark magus powers after many tries brings the skeletons under his control, so that Artyom can smash them to bits.

As the last skeleton falls, Odessa accompanied by armed paladins, and clerics, enters. She question Thomas and our heroes to what happened, as her cleric cast divination spells that bring to life shadowy figures that relive the last few minutes. Odessa relents agree the characters where not the cause, and feels vindicated in her trust of Christopher. Allowing them to search Landon’s Cell. In Landon’s Cell a book of Dark Ritual Magic is discovered with an inscription saying

Your efforts are appreciated Landon, especially with our lord’s most recent request. His power grow stronger with ever passing week. Although I realize your stock might be running low , my work is coming to a crucial point and I need more freshly dead bodies. Hopefully the attack will provide those. Seek Paulos at the Dreammaster’s in the Commons for furthor instructions.

Odessa pleased with the help in removing a spy and traitor from her organization, give Angle a potion of healing, a vial of Tears of Halnir, and Charm of Negative Energy Resistance. Hoping he will come again for a more peaceful chat over tea sometime.

A visit to School, and a little slumming
The Riffraff can be dangerous

Waking up refreshed and ready to investigate our heroes check their clues. One of the Zombies frequented a Soup Kitchen. A man named Aero on the Docks is paying good money for corpses. Christopher Angle talked with the cities rats after coaxing them with his wheel of cheese, discovering that there is an underground temple under the Grounds of the Magic school that scares them and smells like death.

Being the ever read adventures they are, they seek fine weapons at a shop in the commons, Buying some throwing knives and Javelins. Heading to the school grounds they stop at a curio shop, meeting the owner a wizard of the lamplighters guild. He has many curios and sudo magic items to sell them. After making a few purchase they continue on to their interview at the Magic School.

Angle and Artyom went to the school for interviews, and Bret tagged along with Angle. After a short interview they discovered they are more advanced than the students of the school. They are training most good little worker mages, and our heroes are decently not that. Artyom also had a hard tim convincing them that he is mage due to the heavy armor he was wearing. But he got an interview because someone was very interested in the Intelligent sword he was caring. Artyom will your sword guide your or will you bend the sword to your will.

Latter that evening they travel to soup kitchen where two of the zombies frequented while they lived. After talking to several people and wondering into some dangerous alley ways seeking the homeless. They discovered that they dead where heavy Dream Leaf users. Where can this popular drug among the cities poor be found

Walking down an alley that any good citizen should know better than to walk down. Our heroes are corned by a gang of youths. The Youths suggest that they could be friend for the small cost of whats in your purses. Artyom not taking kindly to this request, bears his steal. Bret tries making friend with the power of the Fanzie’s charm which the youths toss off as an offense. Several Youth start dropping Bricks from above as 8 youths four from each side of the alley draw knives and short swords to bring our heroes into compliance with their request for friendship. After a short battle and many dead youths most of the kids have ran away leaving our heroes with some fresh dead bodies to try and sell. Needing to take a rest they decide to try and sell it tomorrow.


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