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Advanced Dungeon and Dragons 2nd Edition

This is the edition I played the most. I started playing 2nd edition when it first came out in 1989. I have a full bookshelf of supplements mixed in with some 1st edition stuff.

I loved 2nd edition as a kid, but reading it again in prep for our game. I feel lots of stuff is too Simulationist or Gamist. Characters are defently heroic and will be fun to play. we are going to try and play with the optional rules I remembered using, but not with the house rules.

I remember the day my father approved of D&D, our characters spent over an hour planning a wilderness exposition. He decided the game could teach lots of useful skills and was fun.

I’m surprised how much of a minimalist sytem person, I have become. Give me Risus, or WaRP then I’ll create rules for special focus as needed. I’ve also became a low prep, sand box GM. I’ll be missing games like Sorocer, Don’t Rest Your Head, Or Burning Wheel because the players drive the story and do most of the prep. I’m going to try to use the preparation style suggested in Dungeon World.

Today if I was asked to recommend a D20 game it would be True20 or 13th Age. The Apocolypse World systems have been my favorite as a GM. I’d grab Barbarians of Lemuria, Sword Nior, or One Mighty Thew now before grabbing a d20 game I think.


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