Dungeon World

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Dungeon World

This is the fantasy version of my current favorite system to GM, Apocalypse world. The principles and guideline it uses to define the GMs role make it easy and fluid to GM. I like the distinction between soft and hard moves and how they build. I really can’t say enough good about the system.

This game helps teach several really helpful ideas:

  1. Make skill checks and conflicts interesting.
  2. Play to find our what happens.
  3. Start and end with the fiction.
  4. Make it interesting and about the players.
  5. Bonds between players at start.

Play this game when you want a modern take on Old School Dungeon and Dragon play. It’s an easy game to GM once you throw out your old baggage, because it play differently then you might expect. This is on my list of goto games.

Dungeon World

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