Iron Kingdoms

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Iron Kingdoms

Iron Kingdoms is the fantasy Role-play version of Warmachine. Warmachine is the number one competitor to Warhammer. The setting is extremely detailed, with magic and steampunk. I found it to be less gruesome than War Hammer. This game is very combat focused, with minimal role-playing options.

The neat thing is your character stats, match stats from Warmachine making it easy to move transfer them across. The rules are also heavily drawn from the Warmachine, and use 2D6 + stat vs. target number. The main different is the addition of skills and some additional action types to make the individual game more special. Combat basically works the same as in warmachine. There are rules that would cover just about everything, which makes it feel a little heavy.

Play this game if you enjoy the Warmachine setting and enjoy its combat focused adventures and stories.

The IKRPG is what it is, and what it is is a combat engine which needs you to give it some purpose, and is probably more interesting for people who are already into the Kingdoms as a setting. It is, however, a damn good combat engine for a group that ain’t too hot on maths and likes their fantasy to run on steam. —

Iron Kingdoms

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