On Mighty Thew

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On Mighty Thew

On Mighty Thew, is a rules light and narrative game. The player have been enabled to collaborate in the creation of the the world by being able to determine facts on successful roles. It becomes the GMs Job to tie all this facts together and re-incorporate them into a whole and exciting world.

The game is designed to play Sword and Sorcery. Play this when you want a streamlined and narrative game that empowers the players. The player will create the setting in play, and the GM is feeling creative in his ability to improvise. The game is quick and can be played in about a 2 hour session, with no prep.

Here is a snippet from Simon Carryer Review on RPG.net.

If you succeed, you get the stakes. If you get degrees of success, you can narrate facts or make future actions easier, much like in HQ2. Of course, if you fail, all is clear, you get some kind of injuries that can come later to hamper you in other conflicts, or you can remove them by a mechanic that I feel works well for the genre. Until you decide to remove them, the injuries don’t hamper you – only the player decides when to act at a disadvantage in order to remove injuries. Attention, if you accrue too much of those, though, you’re out! A nice touch is that in a fight, it’s assumed both would be hurt. You need degree of success to avoid injury, but you’re also tempted to use them in a different way. And yes, that allows to differentiate between a character that takes injuries to destroy an enemy, and one who prefers to keep his skin whole at the expense of expediency, which is also very much in-genre!

On Mighty Thew

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