RuneQuest 6

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Rune Quest 6

RuneQuest was released in 1978 making it one of the first Role-Playing games on the market. It was significant because it was percentile, and skill based instead of level and class based. RuneQuest is culture and social conflict focused. It also had stronger simulation tendencies than D&D or Tunnels and Troll. RuneQuest was one of the big three games, AD&D and Traveler being the other two.

Combat in RuneQuest is more detailed, slower and often riskier than in competing RPGs. When combat takes place it is tactical, and outcomes depend on strategic advantages from terrain, position, numerical superiority, or clever thinking.

The rules system became the core rules for Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu, which is now the generic core called Basic Role-Palyer (BRP). Variations of the system are used in many role-playing games today. They are now on their 6edition of the game.

Play this game when you want a percentile, and skill based game with detailed tactical combat. Or when you want to play a nostalgic game from the dawn of RPGs.

RuneQuest 6

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