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A new level of blunt weaponry

Created New Character

  • Bronze-Ogkthorpe Klaxton III – Dragonborn – Sorcerer
  • Nidhogg the Unsevered – Dragonborn – Cleric
  • Houzi Nanren – Monkey – Monk
  • Julius – Warforged – Fighter
  • Rusty Van Crow – Human – Warlock

The Queen has given them order to bring John Conner to her.

The King has given orders to keep John Conner safe and not to let harm come to him.

The war forged, Julius, made a frontal assault on the wizard school, looking for john conner, enraging several wizards in the process, our Monk in his monkey form rode on his shoulder laughing. Luckly One of the Drgaon born was a smooth talker, and the wizards seemed happy to be done with John Conner.

After rushing to get a carriage and out of town with minimal hassle, and good bluffing, They were attacked by a group of Orcs. They divide their forces so they could protect John Conner. and fight the main Orc units. Once the orcs got John Conner away from his protectors, a blinding flash turned several Orcs into sand.

It was a long and bloody fight with main unit of the Orc forces, everyone had to use their powers and the fight was won by the smallest margins.

. . .


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