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The Assassination of the King's Lord

How to charm for the Queen.

Bret Rock, Christopher Angle, and Artyom along with two guards and Gabby the goblin have boarded themselves up in a Hobgoblin guard room in the caves. While they are resting allowing Bret to regain consciousness, they exchange spells. Making them all enchanter of men.

After their long rest, they start to hear a commotion within the caves, they assume that the denizens of the caves are return from the meeting. Will there be a confrontation?

They soon hear a loud thumb and a yell at the door. Artyom looks under the door and see three pairs of heavily booted feet. Bret, Christopher and Artyom prepare charm spells while one of the guards gets ready to open the door. Three Hobgoblins rush into the room, and stop confused and wondering who their new friends are.

Christopher writes a letter to the new head of evil, and sending one of the hobgoblins to deliver it. An hour latter they receive a note saying meet me in the keep, brave adventures.

Gabby and the Hobgoblins lead them out a nearby entrance, Artyom using his masterful rope skills, help our heroes reach the bottom of the canyon. Finding their Wagon and Mule not eaten, they start the long arduous journey back to the keep.

Things are already starting to change, they find the main road blocked by thick spider webs. A spider spits poison killing one of the guards. Artyom bravely take a flask of lamp oil and bit of cloth as a fuse, throws the Molotov Cocktail at a nearby spider. The web being surprisingly flammable, burst into flames and sticky flaming web drops down on the party. Bret is Knocked unconscious once more, and two hobgoblins die a fiery death, wondering what they hell they are doing out in the woods.

When they arrive back at the keep in the early morning, they find the gate closed and are eyed suspiciously by the guards, who are know wearing Purple arm bands. After being forced to wait a while, Chastity and a sergeant at arms are woken to let the party into the keep. Chastity is stressed over Bret current injured state and recommends they take him to the priest or the barracks surgeon. But first she says they need to buy an arm band, Red for 5 Silver, Purple for 1 Gold, it’s the new orders. Noticing that most of the guard are wearing purple they group buys purple arm bands.

While the Bret and Artyom injuries are being seen to by the surgeon, Ned tells Christopher of the horrible things he discovered about Lester. Almost disillusioned and in tears Ned say he discover that Lester has a wife and kids, he’s suppose to be a chaste and celibate head priest. What has become of the religion he believed so much in.

Christopher Angle arranges a meeting with the Queens Inquisitor. Bret and Artyom go along to the meeting. Christopher now knows the purple arm bands are for the King and the Red are support for the Queen. The Queen’s inquisitor is trying to take over the keep, he says he needs it to be his new base of operations. The Inquisitor explains the Queens sons are sicker then the rumors say, and need a magical cure. He is one of the many People who are helping the Queens gain what is needed to save the young Princes of the realm. The King refused to let his wife seek this promising cure.

Artyom enchants one of the servants in hopes of gaining a spy. Bret is more brazen and tries to enchant the Queen’s Inquisitor. Bret fails but the he does not blame hime for trying. Just distrusts the group and asks for them to prove themselves by converting 12 guards men to the Queens cause.

Christopher writes up flyers and Bret using his speaking skills start promoting the Queen and her troubles. In a big public gathering on the practice field they convince 9 Guards men to change to red, supporting the Queen. Knowing this is not enough they set a plan in motion that will lead to a coup.

Christopher discovers where the captain of guards wife lives, Enchants her and uses her to put pressure of the captain of the guard. After several days the captain of the guard is still wearing purple, but he is no longer harassing guards men who are wearing red.

Thinking it’s time to move further, they meet with Lord of the keep. He is very distrustful of them, and basically demands they leave. Artyom charms another servant. Soon both of Artyom spies come to him saying the lord of the keep is planning a military action to kill the queens man and restore order to the keep by exiling all that are wearing red.

Christopher and Bret make a decision, that it is now time to kill the lord before he can mobilize. Bret visits a local Apothecary, Charms him with a spell. Buys some poison for cheap, but still promises to pay the rest latter. They give the poison to the captain of the guards wife, to give to one of Artyom spies. With lady luck on our suppose be heroes side, the lord of the keep falls ill, and no attack to forth coming.

They visit the queens man, he has a wicked smile when he hears of their deeds. He agrees the ends justify the means. He wants one last proof of their loyalty, and want their hands to be a bit dirty. He says he can arrange a diversion, go and kill the lord.

That night a riot breaks out, drawing all but the few personal guards away from the lords. Now is the time. Bret, Christopher, and Artyom rush to lords chamber, Bret casts sleep on the two guards at the lords door. They enter and Christopher casts sleep on the two guards inside. One of guards shakes off the sleep and Artyom engages him in single combat. Mean while Bret and Christopher attack the sick and poisoned lord. After stabbing the lord over and over again he finally slumps to the ground dead.

Artyom is engaged in heated combat, slowly whittling him down. The Guard gets luck and shoves his sword in to a gap in aryom armor, nearly ending the fight. Artyom resurges from near death to chop the guards head off.

After binding Artyom nearly mortal wound, they ransack the place, finding money, gems, items of value, Elven cloak and boots, and three items of interest. The items of interest are a spear, a dagger, and a ring.

All hero parties eventually become evil, the way to hell is paved with good intentions. Will the means be justified when they save the Princes of the Realm? Will the King forgive them and Queen welcome them with open arms when their kids are saved? More importantly what are the ingredients for the cure, and how much is it worth and to whom.


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