Jake B. Lack

He has the power to move you.


Jake B. Lack is a famous bard, known for being the headliner of his band, the Resolute Defenders. While traveling between towns with his band members, they ran into a demon, The Devil Grohl, who challenged them to a musical battle.

They lost.

As a punishment for losing the musical battle, The Devil Grohl sucked the entire band into the underworld, where they will play at seedy demon clubs for eternity. Jake managed to barely escape the fate of his band, only to find that they have been erased from the memory of everyone but him. The Resolute Defenders never existed. Everyone remembers Jake, but no one knows why. Women want him to sign their breasts, then walk away confused.

He is now searching for a means to save his band mates, the legendary Plectrum of Predetermination. Rumor says it was a part of the evil Devil Grohl, and can be used to force him to return to the underworld, and undo his curses.

Jake B. Lack

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