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This game has an amazing setting, bringing Final Fantasy to life. When it says beyond fantasy it means it. Anima is D&D on acid, with awesome magic, and dynamic battles. The characters are larger than life. It’s a percentile system, but it has a lot of depth.

Character creation is a long process, with lots of choices. A combat table is used to create variety of outcomes. Combat utilizes an active defense system and depending how well you roll against your attacker, you can counterattack. Combat sometime feels like Dragon Ball Z where characters spend most of it trying to power-up for their big attack. For the GM, Anima has good rule for creating custom monsters.

Play this game when you want complex system that lets you play in an over the top anime fantasy world. It lets your imagination run wild to create a fun game.

P.S. I like the setting, and the books are beautiful filled with great art, but I would use a different system. Anime Prime does a better job of creating the feel of the Final Fantasy video game. Games like Big Eyes Small Mouths, or OVA do a better job of being generic anime games. I added Anima to the list because I have co-workers who recommend it and think it creates that beyond D&D feel. They particularly like the active defense and other part of the combat system.


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