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Role-playing isn’t storytelling. If the dungeon master is directing it, it’s not a game. —Gary Gygax

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The essence of a role-playing game is that it is a group, cooperative experience. —Gary Gygax



At its heart, this Role-Playing Game is a conversation between everyone participating. The conversation includes literal “in-character” talking, “out-of-character” discussion, and hundred of other points in-between and beyond. There are two major parts of the conversation you’re about to have. The Role-Playing side involves discussing what’s happening in the story, what the Characters are doing, and what the next situation to deal with involves. The Game side involves rolling dice, overcoming Target Numbers, and figuring out how a Character’s traits influence the conversation. —Rob Justice

Role-playing Games are more than the sum of their parts

(Rob Justice)

  • If you use the game to bypass the role-playing then you’re doing a disservice to the genre.
  • If you use role-playing to bypass the game you’re still doing a disservice to the genre.
  • If all you care about is playing a game, grab a controller.
  • If all you care about is portraying a character, get into acting.
  • If all you care about is telling a story, write a book.
  • I’m here to play a role-playing game and I want you to have the full experience with me.

Role-playing Advice

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